Trusting, cooperative and long-term partnerships

Trusting, cooperative and long-term partnerships with people and organizations that share our values and our mission are essential to the success of our Entrepreneurs – and thus our mission at Amathaon Capital


As a pioneer in the field of wind energy, Saxovent has always led the way in climate action. Authenticity and an entrepreneurial spirit have been our hallmarks right from the beginning – and that’s why we believe that we are uniquely positioned to act and to shoulder responsibility for our climate.

Saxovent Vision

By tapping into the power of nature, we are tackling climate change head-on and preserving our Earth as a livable planet for our children. Our values shape our conduct: responsibility, community, trust, passion, and longevity.

Our motivation for AgTech

The agricultural sector suffers more than any other from the consequences of climate change. At the same time the agriculture and food sector as a whole is a major cause of climate change, land degradation and diminishing biodiversity. We believe there is no alternative to technological innovations to advance faster towards sustainable practices, improve the economics of the farming community, make agriculture
globally climate-neutral and to feed a growing world population. Saxovent has made a firm commitment to contribute to this with its financial engagement in Amathaon Capital.

Carsten Paatsch
Ralph Beckers

In 1997, many smiled at me when I built my first wind turbine. Today, wind energy is Germany's main source of electricity. I have no problem with some people today sneering at investments in sustainable agriculture – the results speak for themselves.

Carsten Paatsch

Founder of Saxovent
Matthias Kittler
Ralph Beckers

We are confronting climate change head-on in all our areas of business. With our commitment to Amathaon we are expanding our impact from renewable energy and sustainable real estate to what we believe will be the next game-changer: agriculture.

Matthias Kittler

CEO of Saxovent
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