Lucent Bio
What if we could feed the world on existing arable land, put more money into farmers pockets and put more carbon into the soil without damaging the environment?
Bigger Yields Start with Healthier Soils
We deliver solutions for crop nutrition that accelerate the transformation of agriculture to sustainability.

Vancouver-based Lucent Bio Inc. is developing sustainable solutions for food security and climate change mitigation.

Lucent’s core technology is a composition of matter patent that describes the process of binding nutrients – Zn, Fe, Mn, etc. – in bioavailable form to cellulose fibers in a manner that prevents the leaching into the environment. Lucent’s patented process technology upcycles low-value organic fiber from agriculture and food processing – like pea and lentil hulls – into a carrier for micronutrients. This approach creates a circular economy showcase, with crop residues becoming fertilizer that will be applied to the field to help grow the next crop.

Our first product – Soileos – is a micronutrient fertilizer that:

  • increases soil carbon levels;
  • improves soil health;
  • does not leach or have run-off pollution;
  • and offers increased yield and crop quality.

By upcycling ag residues and food processing byproducts into Soileos, Lucent helps solve waste challenges and offers farmers and food processors additional revenue sources.


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Entrepreneurs / Founders:

  • Michael Riedjik, CEO
  • Peter Gross, CTO
  • Dr. Farah Nour, CSO
  • Jason McNamee, CPO
  • Caroline Hui, VP
  • Finance Jose Godoy Toku, VP



HQ Location

Vancouver, Canada


AgBioTech, Novel Farming Systems
As a company and as a team, we are driven by our vision to accelerate the transformation of agriculture to sustainability. We want to make agriculture part of the solution of climate change mitigation, and we believe our technology will be part of that complex puzzle.
Michael Riedjik
President & CEO