What if the agriculture systems behaved like Amazon, efficient, accurate and digital?
The Fruit Intelligence Company
FruitSpec helps fresh producers gain better prices by providing decision tools that optimize yield to market demand.

Using unique spectral and AI technology FruitSpec provide the fresh supply-chain production unit with the ability to manage yield from the orchard to the marketing organization, from the beginning of the season to its end.

The shared digital data visibility for each department in the supply chain provides the ability to optimize yield to market demand, maximizing produce price.

Entrepreneurs / Founders:

  • Raviv Kula, CEO
  • Nir Margalit, CTO
  • Shahar Nitsan, COO



HQ Location

Tel-Aviv, Israel


Software, Computational Ag, Sensing & IoT
We are thrilled to build products that change the world, especially impacting the environment and on the basic needs of every human being.
Raviv Kula