What if we could double the crop yield per drop of water?
Global water monitoring for a growing planet
constellr uses proprietary satellite technology to map the biophysical reality of our planet.

To create a full biophysical history of every field on the planet, constellr is in the process or building and operating a constellation of beyond-visual satellites with unprecedented monitoring capabilities.

Building on this data fundament, we are creating truly scalable and actionable insights for agriculture and beyond.

We thereby target to improve water productivity as the single most important resource for the human food system.



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Entrepreneurs / Founders:

  • Dr. Max Gulde, CEO
  • Marius Bierdel, CTO
  • Christian Mittermaier, VP Finance



HQ Location

Freiburg, Germany


Software, Computational Ag, Sensing & IoT
Agriculture is arguable the oldest and biggest industry in the world. Given the current climatic and societal trends, we believe that there is a rapidly closing window of opportunity to transform the entire sector to a more sustainable operational mode. We cannot wait any longer but need to place all the strength we can muster into this transition to avoid an impending agricultural breakdown.
Dr. Max Gulde
Co-Founder & CEO