What if farmers could control the food supply chain?
We provide autonomy
AgXeed provides autonomy as a system: an autonomous platform operating hardware and building integration into the downstream supply chain.

We have developed an autonomous agricultural vehicle taking labour largely out of the field work equation thereby putting an end to the “bigger is better” trend.

Smarter is better; with our AgBot we stay under the irreversible soil compaction limit. Our hard- and software modules can be combined to realise plug and play machines providing unlimited flexibility in meeting specific customer and regional demands.



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Entrepreneurs / Founders:

  • Joris Hiddema, CEO
  • Lars Schmitz, CTO
  • Rienk Landstra, VP Operations
  • Sander Pop, VP Supply Chain



HQ Location

Oirlo, The Netherlands


Farm Robotics, Mechanization & Equipment
With AgXeed we really bring autonomy as a system, so in addition to the hardware we also provide the overlaying cloud solutions. Besides we are doing this with the most advanced partners in each field of expertise; both in our development as well as the go-to-market strategy.
Joris Hiddema